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Taking care of people, that take care of people.


Un86'd is a charity created to aid in monetary relief for restaurant professionals in need, including educating workers on how to utilize public and private health care for their own benefit. We strive to support an industry that is often overlooked.


We have all seen it: A friend or colleague that gets hit by a car, mugged or diagnosed with cancer. These are horrible situations for anyone, especially for hospitality professionals who most likely have little or no health insurance. In most cases, a restaurant professional will not get paid if they are unable to go to work. As a result, they cannot afford proper healthcare or fall behind on their bills. Un86’d strives to step in and lend a helping hand. Our industry, as a family, is always willing to step up and help out when times are tough. By collecting donations, running silent auctions, and throwing benefits year round Un86’d is able reach out to more supporters and essentially aid in monetary relief at a faster rate. Through on-going events, initiatives, and donations of time, money, and talent, Un86'd is striving to band this already tight community closer together.


Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

May 22nd marked our one year anniversary! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to everyone who has donated their time, talent and hard earned dollars to make Un86'd what it is today. We had a very successful year and are looking forward to many more. 

Fords Gin! Fords Gin! 

October 1st, 2014 through December 31st, 2014

The 86 Company is donating 86 cents for EVERY

bottle of Fords Gin sold in Chicago.

How can you help? 

Order it when you go out! 

Buy it when you are stocking your home bar

or heading to a party! 

Simon Ford is Climbing Kilimanjaro!

From Sea Level to 17,500ft. Simon is excepting the challenge, help support his efforts by making a pledge. The proceeds of your donation will support Un86'd.